Brian Bannatyne-Scott


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Brian is a well-established singer on the international circuit who sings a wide variety of repertoire from Baroque to Britten. He sings fluently in several languages and has performed all over Europe with many notable directors and conductors.

Born and educated in Scotland, he lives in Edinburgh with his wife and two children and hopes you enjoy navigating this website, which will enable you to find out about his career, future performances and available recordings.

Dr Atomic

. . . following the live transmission of John Adam's Dr Atomic from Opera du Rhin in Strasbourg it is being streamed on Medici TV, the first link.

It has been a great success, as you can see from the second link. I sing the crucial role (light irony) of Jack Hubbard, the meteorologist responsible for allowing the first test of an atomic bomb at Los Alamos before Hiroshima. It is a hard-hitting piece but full of lyrical moments with a great cast.

link to Doctor Atomic replay

link to the resmusica online review